Implementation of Salesforce for RISE IT - migrating to a new CRM to optimize sales processes

RISE IT is an IT company with more than fifteen years of experience in implementing and maintaining different software products. The company is actively engaged in its own developments for large enterprises. RISE IT offers its partners an automated IFRS reporting solution and provides a comprehensive budgeting and planning system. The company employs more than 60 qualified IT professionals.
Task of transferring the work of the sales department from the custom-build to Salesforce
The company turned to us with the task of transferring the sales department from their custom built CRM system to Salesforce. RIBERATEC was not chosen by chance. RISE IT is a company of professionals and programmers, but not conversant with Salesforce. To be able to implement a CRM that would meet their needs by themselves, they would need to study SFDC settings, and set up a test environment, which would grossly delay the implementation process. The company, therefore, made the right decision to contact us as a web solutions provider on the Salesforce platform.

RIBERATEC has considerable experience in implementing Salesforce in different companies and can solve complex problems, a skill which is appreciated by our colleagues from RISE IT.

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Our Salesforce implementation solution

The main goal of migrating to Salesforce is to optimize the work of the sales department.

Managers used an outdated CRM that did not offer much in functionality. In addition, they still had to use spreadsheets, meeting organizers and reminders, call and mail services, etc.

To solve these problems, the company decided to switch to a more modern and functional CRM. The choice fell on Salesforce. This is not surprising, given that Salesforce is feature-packed

The implementation of a CRM in commercial companies in which sales processes are already established is challenging. Salesforce is a universal CRM. IT companies have work specificity and sales Departments also have established processes. How can we combine these 2 specificities effectively? This is possible only through careful study of the internal processes of the client, in this case, RISE IT, and the ability to adapt the CRM to their activities so that employees are happy and to make the transition to a new CRM.

The newly implemented CRM system MUST NOT breakdown established sales processes that have proven effective for a long time, instead, the output of these processes should lead to a higher level of efficiency.
Outputing processes to a higher level of efficiency.
A few words about Salesforce.

Salesforce is a universal system. Versatility is a big advantage of the system, and at the same time, its disadvantage. It can be used by companies in various fields - construction, manufacturing, retail, transportation, service, etc. and a company of any size - from a sole entrepreneur to an industrial enterprise.

Creating a SFDC CRM that fits every single company (taking into consideration its size, nuances and industry) perfectly would be impossible.

As a result, when a client installs Salesforce, the question immediately arises: “how do I organize my work now?” But there are a lot of answers:
  • for a manufacturing company, you need to decide how to ensure that customer orders are received and processed;
  • in a commercial company, you need to automate sales;
  • in medicine, you think about how to work with patients;
  • an educational institute must decide how to establish communication with students.

Each company has its own nuances and without taking them into account, working with the system will not be effective.

Hence, each company needs to fine-tune its SFDC solution to meet their specific needs and goals.
SFDC solution
At RIBERATEC, with the help of in-house experts (managers, business analysts, marketers), we perform the task of adapting and configuring the Salesforce CRM for every single client. Thus, our SFDC implementation project is defined by the established work regulations of your employees.

This was the approach we used for RISE IT. The company's management understood what was required of our task - it was not just "Implementation of Salesforce CRM". We needed a strategy for the efficient use of the CRM to increase sales. This was the foundation the whole project was built on.

We identified their main goals with the help of migration to SFDC and came up with the following goals:
  • to configure CRM for real processes in the company (to define user roles, assign access rights to employees, add a new group for the design work, edit the reference system);
  • add new custom fields in the CRM, to make the necessary changes in the status of leads, transaction (opportunity) stages;
  • to develop employee work routine with the CRM;
  • prepare necessary reports ;
  • to outline the necessary automated business processes of leads and opportunities.
The Next step was technical work:
1.We discovered there were lead statuses that did not correspond to the business processes of the company. We knew we had to change all statuses that didn’t correspond with the work process of the employees.
Leads with a status that doesn't correspond to the company's business processes.
2.We also Changed opportunity stages to match the company's real life business processes:
Changing deal stages to match real life
3.We also developed a training manual on “how to work with Salesforce CRM” for the employees. This document allows any new employee to understand the basic principles of the system in a short period of time. It informs the employee of the type of reporting that is required of him and the conditions for management control.

The results of our implementation work

  1. The sales department stopped using many separate programs to manage and report on their communication with clients.
  2. Work with potential customers (cold calls) and real contractors was now managed from a single database.
  3. We decreased the time spent on processing leads and filing necessary documentation.

Time spent on the project :
  • development and coordination of Technical specifications – 1 week;
  • customization, examining and testing end-to-end examples of working with different clients, coordination of results with the customer – 1 week;
  • development of internal regulations of work with CRM – 1 week.

How to implement Salesforce for a sales team

Contact RIBERATEC and our experts will help you quickly and effectively implement Salesforce in the Sales Department.

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your company or enterprise, develop a plan to implement, write a technical document and agree on all the desired settings, and provide useful recommendations.

We will also develop a work program for your employees, automate the internal business processes of your company and much more that’s needed for your company to grow into its potential.