Our main work model is large projects, broken down into iterations and executed by dedicated project teams.
We work with project on fixed budgets and on a per hour basis.


Migration Discovery
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$14 800
  • Prepare a plan and estimate the effort required to migrate to Salesforce Sales Cloud and/or Service Cloud from any other platform
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Technical Audit
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$7 500
  • Get an in-depth evaluation of lightning components, automation performance and quality, levels of access, layouts, custom fields, custom solution
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Data migration
Data migration is a costly affair because it involves several actions before the data import itself. First, you need to check the accuracy of the data, clean up duplicates, correct errors, and map the data to Salesforce fields.
$5 600
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The level of customization will depend on the complexity of the company's internal processes. Modifications with point-and-click tools are significantly less expensive than changes made with code.
The indicated cost is based on the experience of our clients.
$21 000
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Integration with third-party systems
Salesforce can’t be the source of everything. It can be CRM or any Custom application. However, SAP can own Order Management or Inventory, an External system for sending email, Other System for Payment, and External Fleet Management, And possibilities are high that Salesforce would need to exchange data with these systems.
The indicated cost is based on the experience of our clients.
$14 000
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If you need integration with simple but most popular systems, you can take advantage of our special offer.


Check-up, 5 days
$7 500
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On average, support continues for three months after implementation. Our minimum support package includes 50 hours.
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