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Salesforce CRM Implementation

RIBERATEC offers Salesforce CRM implementation services in all areas of business. Due to our understanding of the specifics of different industries and with our extensive experience and expertise in configuring and extending Salesforce with Apex, Visualforce and Lightning, we can help you customize Salesforce according to your business needs.
We always start with an in-depth analysis, making sure teams are on the same page, with a full understanding of where the business is and where it wants to go.

We focus on being able to scale the business. The solution must evolve and adapt as the organization grows.
Our testing team participates in the requirements gathering phase to validate each scenario as a customer-side user during the testing phase.

Our Salesforce implementation services include integrations with external cloud systems, on-premises applications, ERP, accounting systems and databases.

We can configure services in Java, XML, JSON, XSLT, SOAP, REST, SQL/SOQL, Lightning, Aura and APEX web components.

Salesforce Migration

The migration process is a laborious task that may not be easily estimated at the beginning of the project. Almost half of the project time is dedicated to migrating from one CRM to another.

In our projects, we assign data migration from inherited systems as a separate project, agreeing with clients on its own schedule and budget. Typically, we break up data into small batches, downloading them individually.

Data migration with us includes data analysis, extraction, conversion, cleaning, loading and testing. Our experts can help speed up this process, setting up the right scripts so that the migration goes smoothly and under complete control. We make sure to involve someone on the business team to map data and record all decisions made in the process.
The RIBERATEC professional team has 20 years of experience in integrations of various complexities. Our developers’ competencies include creating custom integration solutions as well as bringing in various applications from AppExchange.

Salesforce integration services focus on seamlessly connecting Salesforce solutions with other business-critical systems. At a minimum, we offer connecting the front office (sales, marketing and customer support departments) with the back office (accounting, production and logistics departments). This will allow achieving end-to-end analytics in the company, to automate business processes from the beginning to the end.

In addition, we are able to combine individual systems into a single complex at several levels:
All applications use the same format of input and output data.

Data level

Modular level

The output data of one application are the input data for the other (e.g. data from CRM is transferred to ERP)
All software products work as modules of a single information system, in which the integration of programs is embedded in the architecture design stage.

Salesforce custom development

Our core competencies are creating the best tools to work effectively in Salesforce, automating complex business processes, connecting, integrating and optimizing systems, and improving user experience on any device.

We work closely with clients not only during the requirements gathering and testing phases, but also involve them in weekly meetings at every stage of the work. We analyze requirements carefully, and strictly cross-check that our solutions meet these requirements. When working on UX/UI design, we make sure to create a customer journey map and carefully work through all usability options.

Direct development runs in small iterations, providing features based on their priorities , releasing the finished product in releases. This allows users to start using the product as quickly as possible and master new features immediately after installation (new features are usually added every 2-4 weeks after receipt). In order to ensure quality, we conduct continuous testing, working
through each scenario and automating this step whenever possible to speed up the process.
We develop and test on separate environments, transferring only the final version to the production environment.
We provide post-launch support for customizations for 1-3 months after launch.
We customize program features and take steps to help users adapt beyond learning how to use new functionality.

Salesforce product for marketing

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a variety of separate platforms that allow your company to create, improve, and monitor a variety of marketing activities. We help the sales and marketing departments of leading businesses implement Marketing Cloud according to the individual needs of their businesses.

RIBERATEC provides a seamless experience with automated email marketing software and optimizes the marketing process. With Salesforce, we'll help you set up mass email and social media marketing tools, integrate your website into a common channel, set up tracking campaign ROI and social conversation tracing. We can help you achieve your business goals with data-driven marketing tools to maximize revenue and ensure ROI.

Salesforce project management

Every one of our own projects requires management, so we know firsthand the importance
of the process and we know how to do it.
Our team is ready to build a project management structure on the Salesforce platform, while synchronizing it with the well-known Google Apps and Files Connect. Among other things, we are ready to procure ready-made solutions, set up Salesforce platform plugins like Agile Accelerator and Milestones PM, synchronize or implement other solutions into your project management structure.

We can also set up timekeeping, team resource and workload management, and other features of more robust project management tools.

We can help improve your existing processes and help your projects move forward and faster.


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