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Most Popular Integrations

No single tool can do everything, no matter how powerful. That's why choosing the right integrations is an important next step to increasing the value your team gets from Salesforce

The most common integration options for connecting Salesforce with other systems

Salesforce integration works through a service, Mulesoft Composer. This service promotes connections across multiple platforms, channels, teams, etc., via API-led integration.
It offers multiple integration templates to make the integration procedure as smooth as possible.
Native Integration
These integrations are supported by the software you currently use and plan to integrate with Salesforce
API Integration
It works by establishing an interconnection between different applications through code
Bi-Directional Integration
Helps combine different data sets to work together as one
Third-Party Integration
These integrations are not available in the software you currently use, but can be accessed through external platforms such as Workato
RIBERATEC knows how to integrate, using any method
Some other forms of integration include batch integration, AppExchange, real-time mashups, and data integration. With Salesforce integration, you can easily automate most manual tasks and procedures.

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RIBERATEC is aware of popular pitfalls in integration processes and has become skillful in avoiding them.That's why we can offer fast implementation while upholding best practices.
We've selected the most popular integration requests from our customers. As you'll see below, most of these integrations are available from AppExchange, Salesforce's own app store and integrations. Many are also available in integration tools such as Zapier, Workato, and Unito. But it's not always possible to quickly implement what you have in mind, and often some of the functionality isn't that simple.