Lead processing in Salesforce — example of an industrial refrigeration equipment manufacturer

When a company makes a decision to migrate from one CRM solution to another, it’s usually due to low performance, high cost of maintenance, data loss, lack of integration possibilities with other systems.
Salesforce is a CRM solution that offers high performance, has competitive pricing, is secure, and is completely integrable with other systems.

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Lead processing in Salesforce

Salesforce has a Lead Process set up. You can create web-to-lead forms which can be embedded in your website. When a form is submitted, a new lead is created in Salesforce. After which you process and then convert them.

When using Salesforce, the process for collecting and converting leads looks like this:

1.A new lead/ prospect fills and submits a form on your website
Lead form type
2.A new lead appears in the Assistant on the homepage of the portal in Salesforce.
A lead in the Assistant on the main page of the Salesforce portal
Leads section in Assistant
3.In the “leads” section, you can view all leads. You can view them in a table, kanban, or split.
4.You can convert a lead only through the lead card.
Lead conversion settings
Lead conversion options
5.After processing, a lead can be converted into an account, contact or opportunity.
Converting a lead into an account, contact or opportunity


You can migrate from any CRM system to Salesforce with the confidence that your processes will be preserved.

RIBERATEC will help you migrate, customize Salesforce to your needs, and integrate Salesforce with other systems you use.