Turning digital transformation challenges into wins: How Riberatec optimizes Salesforce solutions

How do businesses thrive in a digitally dominated landscape? The answer increasingly points towards using platforms like Salesforce to gain a competitive edge. However, the route toward digitalization is fraught with challenges, often leading to suboptimal utilization of these powerful tools. Here, Riberatec emerges as a visionary Salesforce solution provider committed to turning these challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency.

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How does Riberatec solve the digitization dilemma?

How do businesses thrive in a digitally dominated landscape? The answer increasingly points towards using platforms like Salesforce to gain a competitive edge. However, the route toward digitalization is fraught with challenges, often leading to suboptimal utilization of these powerful tools. Here, Riberatec emerges as a visionary Salesforce solution provider committed to turning these challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency.
With over 20 years experience, Riberatec stands out by identifying and overcoming the common pitfalls of digital transformation.
According to the company’s CEO, "digital transformation is not just about adopting technology but integrating it seamlessly into your business strategy to drive growth and efficiency."

The CEO tells us 5 main problems that businesses face in digitalization and how Riberatec navigates them:

1. Misalignment with business needs:

One of the critical challenges in digital transformation initiatives is the misalignment between the implemented technology and the business's actual needs and objectives. With studies indicating that nearly 70% of digital transformation projects fall short due to this misalignment, it's clear that many companies are investing in technologies that don't deliver the expected benefits or effectively address business challenges​​. This lack of alignment leads to substantial inefficiencies and missed opportunities, showing only around 30% of digital transformations meet or exceed their target value and result in long-term change​​.
To counteract this trend and ensure success, it is crucial to identify key performance metrics upfront, which demonstrate the achievement of specific objectives, such as reduced operation times and increased customer base. These metrics ensure that digital transformation efforts are measurable, achievable, and aligned with the core business needs.
Understanding the importance of alignment between technology and business goals, Riberatec conducts an in-depth analysis of the client's business model to ensure that Salesforce solutions align with business’ specific workflows and objectives.

2. Complexity and user adoption:

In digital transformation efforts, particularly in ERP system implementations, the complexity of new digital tools often leads to poor user adoption. While 88% of companies report their ERP implementations as successful, merely 27% of employees actively utilize the implemented systems, underscoring a significant gap between deployment and actual utilization​​. This discrepancy can largely be attributed to the system's complexity and the lack of necessary training for effective utilization.
For example, consider a manufacturing company implementing a new ERP system to improve efficiency. If this system is complex and non-intuitive, employees might revert to old habits, using legacy systems or manual processes, thereby negating the new system's benefits. A solution is adopting a phased approach: introduce the system in manageable sections so employees gradually adapt, starting with basic tasks like supplier orders before moving to more complex functions for 'experienced users'.

Moreover, management's role is critical to the success of such digital transitions. If management continues to rely on outdated methods, such as using Excel sheets for minor details, it could undermine the digitization efforts. Therefore, it is essential for management to lead by example and enforce new practices. With 78% of companies attributing successful ERP implementations to effective change management and employee training programs, the importance of leadership and structured training cannot be overstated​​.

3. Data security and privacy:

The increasing prevalence of cyber threats and data breaches has heightened the need for robust security measures. In 2021-2022, data breaches escalated beyond previous years' totals, emphasizing the growing sophistication and systematic approach of malicious actors. The estimated cost of ransomware breaches is expected to skyrocket to $265 billion by 2031, with an anticipated new attack every 2 seconds, underscoring the urgent need for fortified cybersecurity defenses​​. 54% of companies admit their IT departments lack the sophistication to fend off advanced cyberattacks, further exacerbating the risks associated with digital transformation​​.
Given these challenges, Riberatec's emphasis on stringent security protocols and compliance with global standards is not only prudent but essential. Implementing security measures can mitigate the risks of financial losses, reputational damage, and legal liabilities, thereby ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data in digital transformation initiatives.

4. Integration issues:

55% of organizations cite integration challenges as a significant barrier to successful digital transformation initiatives.
Companies that struggle with integration issues, or that fail to integrate their systems at all, instead creating multiple platforms for different tasks engineers working in one system (X), sales teams in another (Y), and communication occurring in a third (Z), with finance and accounting departments often completely overlooked risk facing disruptions in their operations, increased costs, and missed opportunities for leveraging the full potential of their digital investments. This lack of integration results in fragmented information, the absence of comprehensive analytics, and a disjointed understanding of the business as a whole.

Riberatec recognizes the importance of seamless integration in digital transformation projects and offers expertise in integrating Salesforce solutions with clients' existing systems and infrastructure.

5. Ongoing support and evolution:

As digital systems evolve, addressing technical complexities requires specialized expertise, a significant challenge many companies face. 70% of digital transformation programs do not meet their objectives, partly due to inadequate expertise and insufficient organizational change management. This issue is exacerbated by the digital skill gap, with 44% of organizations reporting that a shortage of experts has impeded their digital transformation progress​​.
To mitigate these challenges, it is crucial to adopt strategies that enable effective ongoing support and evolution of digital systems. One approach is breaking down the digital transformation into smaller, more manageable projects. This approach not only reduces IT complexity but also provides better chances for success by aligning each project more closely with specific business goals. Involving the enterprise architecture team early in the planning stages can help in reducing digital transformation complexity, ensuring all technological and business aspects are considered from the outset​​.

Riberatec offers ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring that Salesforce evolves with the business, as highlighted by the company's CTO: "Our commitment is to be there for our clients at every step, adapting and evolving as their business does."

Impact on business efficiency and productivity:

Riberatec's approach to business optimization has yielded remarkable results, as evidenced by a slew of impressive statistics. Partnering with the company has proven to be a game-changer for many enterprises, with reports indicating a substantial 40% surge in operational efficiency following implementation. This significant enhancement in efficiency translates directly into cost savings and streamlined workflows, allowing businesses to allocate resources more effectively and focus on core objectives. Moreover, Riberatec's solutions have led to a 35% increase in customer satisfaction levels. By using tailored Salesforce solutions, companies have been able to enhance customer experiences, personalize interactions, and resolve issues promptly, resulting in heightened levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

About the company

Founded on the principles of innovation and client-centricity, Riberatec has emerged as a trusted partner in the digital transformation.

With over 400 completed CRM projects tailored to diverse client needs, Riberatec has established itself as a leader in digital transformation. Their team of 120 professionals, 80% of whom are technical experts.

The company excels in seamless integrations with Salesforce, encompassing platforms like ServiceNow, Oracle, SAP, Adobe, and Microsoft. With comprehensive IT solutions, their 80-strong IT specialist team tackles challenges across the tech spectrum, driving growth. Riberatec's work includes developing 18 major portals on the Experienced Cloud platform, alongside numerous smaller projects.

"Digital transformation is a journey, and we are here to guide our clients every step of the way," says Riberatec's CEO, encapsulating the mission and vision of the company.