Salesforce And Bitrix24 Integration In A Large Company

Project goals and software selection
In a company with over a hundred employees, you need to manage different aspects of the company — sales, correspondence with employees and clients, deals, website, documents, tasks/project workflows, and contact centre.

You also have to manage finances – invoice, payroll, quoting, financial reports. Sometimes, you might also need to make transactions in foreign currencies. Salesforce offers all these features and more.

In our latest project, we combine these two light yet very powerful software to create a management utopia.
All sales processes were automated in Salesforce, and Bitrix24 was used for additional functions like employee management.

In this 5-minute read, we’ll walk you through the very first Salesforce and Bitrix24 integration.
About the problem:
A few months ago, we received a request from a client whose company had already used Bitrix24 to manage business processes

However, the client's business required improvement of sales processes, and it was necessary to implement and configure Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The company's management decided to use 2 systems in parallel, and integration was required.
Parent-child relationships between companies in Salesforce
Our customer requested that we implement 2 major features.

  1. Parent-child relationships between companies. I.e, If a company «Company A» has subsidiaries, «Company A1» and «Company A2», CRM should allow them to be saved as such, instead of as 3 different companies. Having this feature is important if, for instance, you make supplies to a Company and its subsidiaries, but only get paid by the Parent company.
  2. A company-specific custom entity in Salesforce CRM that allows recording all transaction details that would otherwise have been impossible to record in the default Bitrix24 portal.

Some of our results are described in this article.

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How we integrated Salesforce CRM and Bitrix24 Portal
and implemented these features
For the first task, we created two custom fields

1. Parent company in CRM

The first field is a manipulatable field — «Parent Company» in the CRM. This field is a link leading to that company’s details page. Any company can be chosen to be the parent company of another from the list of companies already saved in the CRM.
Parent Company in the CRM
Parent Company field
We also added the «Parent Company» field to the Companies list page for convenience.

2. Hierarchy of companies

A «hierarchy» field — this is a link to the «Company tree» page. The Company tree page displays the parent and all subsidiary companies of a chosen company.

Each company can have 0 -1 parent companies, but 0 - any number of child companies/ subsidiaries.
A «hierarchy» field — this is a link to the «Company tree» page.
The Company tree page displays the parent and all subsidiary companies of a chosen company.

Each company can have 0 -1 parent companies, but 0 - any number of child companies/ subsidiaries.

We added «Company tree» as a menu item on the CRM page. Here, you can see the parent company and all the subsidiaries of a chosen company. the company whose hierarchy is being viewed is always highlighted
Hierarchy field
Architecture and data flows
Architecture and data flows
Our client wanted a company-specific custom entity in Salesforce CRM. This entity would contain ALL information/details about their transactions with their clients.

We created a new CRM entity called «Facilities». If your company supplies construction materials to retailers, details of your transactions with your client companies would differ from those of a company providing insurance to organizations, or equipment to laboratories.

«Facilities» is such an entity — it is both industry and company-specific. It allows you to record every transaction detail specific to your company in the CRM.

We added «Facilities» as a menu item on the CRM page.

Integration results

We accomplished these integration task using Salesforce REST API methods, webhooks in Bitrix24 and Javascript on the frontend.
Thanks to our Salesforce integration and customization, our client

  1. has a personalized pages, that caters to the exact needs of his company
  2. saves time and rules out possible errors in transactions by simply synching companies between Bitrix24 and Salesforce. Information saved in the companies’ profiles is also synched.
  3. can now share invoices and other financial documents between Bitrix24 and Salesforce.
We have created similar Salesforce integrations

An automated designer that generates invoices, acts, notes, and other business documents.

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